Industrial Experience

We have over 20 years of industrial experience where we have applied our strong capability in the field of high-energy engineering to achieve real results.

Medicine – We were instrumental in the development of the organisation, the management systems and the safety assessment for the new-build 25MW medical isotope PALLAS-reactor in NordHolland, Netherlands.

Nuclear Power – We were heavily involved in the generic design assessment and site characterisation studies for the AP1000 PWR reactor for NuGen’s proposed 3.2GW Moorside Project. Our involvement covered a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines from C&I, neutronics, thermalhydraulics, reactor chemistry and power transmission, as well as the assessment and understanding of the site characteristics such as seismic, meteorological and hydrogeology.

Fusion Energy – We are involved in tritium-handling operations in support of the Deuterium-Tritium campaign for the Joint European Torus at UKAEA, Culham. Our support includes defining and understanding the necessary competences for tritium engineering, operations and research.

Marine – We have worked with some of the UK’s best engineers in the delivery of submarine engines and to support new boat assembly and existing dockyard operations. This has taken the form of safety engineering, design justification and substantiation with a strong on-site presence.

Other recent BlueFlash clients in high-energy engineering include Moltex Energy, URENCO and INET.

We have a proven track-record of innovation and delivery in high-energy engineering