BlueFlash provide three core aspects that enable safety in high-energy engineering:

Safety Analysis – analysis of specific and safety-related phenomena using established, defined methods

  • Shielding Assessments (using RANKERN, MicroShield etc.)
  • Criticality Assessments (using MONK, MCNP etc.)
  • Characterisation, Decay and Inventory Studies (FISPIN, ORIGEN etc,)
  • Human Factors Analysis (using JHEDI, HEART, THERP etc.)
  • Internal/External Hazards Analysis
  • Deterministic Safety Analysis
  • Probabilistic Safety Analysis (using Fault Tree Software – Fault Tree +, Logan etc.)

Safety Assessment – structured assessment of risks and likelihood of harm, with appropriate justification and evidence

  • Hazard Identification (HAZOP, SWIFT etc.)
  • Categorisation and classification of SSCs
  • Design/Design Change Control Safety Justification
  • Hazard Analyses (HAZANS), including Radiological risk assessments
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • ALARP assessments

Safety Management – management of people, processes, quality and culture to deliver safety and design integrity

  • Safety Case Development and strategic planning – using structured safety case processes and experience of delivery (PSR, PCSR etc.)
  • Safety Case Programme Management (scope, cost, time and risks)
  • Interfaces with multi-disciplinary engineering teams;
  • Lifecycle Nuclear Site Licensing & Regulatory Support (applying the SAPs, SyAPs, REPs etc.) from concept to decommissioning safety cases
  • Safety Case Verification – including Independent Nuclear Safety Peer Review/Assessment

We seek innovation and to offer solutions to make safe operations happen.

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